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Founded in 2019, Next I/O Technologies Private Limited is an IT Solution Company providing Global customers with IT solutions that are customized to meet our client’s individual and business needs. Our product portfolio is spread into wide domains that include designing & development of enterprise solutions, web portals, and mobile applications.

We are a group of young entrepreneurs, having a wide knowledge and demonstrated experience in the IT industry. At Next I/O Technologies, we take pride in our work and believe in long term business relationships. We are always craving for success and we put excellence as our benchmark.Therefore, we only promise what we can deliver, that helps us in offering clients with a service that secures a strong business relationship.Whether you are a small business looking to

establish an online presence or an already established business looking forward to expand your venture,​ Next I/O Technologies is your one-stop solution. We will help you by providing you IT solutions that not only fit your business/personal needs, but also help you in minimizing your costs.

Our company also believes in charging what is reasonable and always providing maximum benefit to client. We started as a group of students working as a team of free lancers and within just a few years we have established a vast clientele that consists of 100+ Global clients. Since we put our customer’s benefit first, it has worked as a success formula for us in growing our worldwide clientele.

Who We Are?

A rapidly growing customer oriented organization!

Next I/O Technologies Private Limited is one of the fastest growing IT House with a highly customer centric approach. Let’s walk through our history:

Our Business.

Growing with the customer.

Growing in a competitive market by integrating innovation, teamwork
& customer satisfaction.

Project Analysis.

A Walkthrough on How We Guarantee on Delivering You the Best of Our Services.

We perform an extensive project analysis that helps us in providing you an unforgettable experience with Next I/O Technologies. Our company believes that a strong project analysis is a key to the success of any project that we undertake, therefore it is one of the most important aspects of our organization. Read below to learn more about our way of analyzing all our projects:

Step 1: Gathering Information.

Since any industry can have digital needs, so we get requirements from hundreds of different types of Industries. We do not work on any project without having proper knowledge regarding that particular industry. Our team of experts analyzes the project by learning in-depth about the industry that the project belongs to so that we can understand what would be the preferences of our customers.

Step 2: Identifying the Purpose of the Project.

It is imperative for us to have an idea about the purpose of the project that we are working on. Therefore, our customer relations team is always in touch with our customers to discuss about the point of view that the customer has in mind and we also try to improve it by providing our experienced suggestions.

Step 3: Setting Up Benchmarks.

Once we are aware of all the prior information, we set our benchmarks by discussing with our clients. These benchmarks are set in order for us to have a clear image of what kind of work will be acceptable and what can be treated as unacceptable. They also help us in monitoring the success of the projects.

Step 4: Time of Delivery.

We never commit what we cannot deliver. Years of experience in the digital industry has helped us in knowing how much time a project needs to get completed, therefore we provide our clients with a rock solid time of delivery and take guarantee in delivering the project on the time that we commit.

Step 5: Schedule of Progress.

Once we have committed the time of delivery of a project, we share a progress schedule with our customers. This is done to help you in tracking the progress of your project and can stay stress free till your project gets ready.

How it Works?


We utilizes the following development process for delivering quality software solutions
that matter.

Requirement Disclosure by Customer.

First we discover about the requirement of customer. Either we approach the customers or the customer approaches us to share their personal or professional digital needs. You can reach out to Next I/O Technologies Private Limited at info@nextiotechnologies.com or call us at +90 552 798 24 88.

Research the Project.

Once we get aware of the customer’s needs, we start our research over the  Project. Our highly skilled web research team, dedicatedly works on the customer’s requirements and brings possible solution in brainstorming phase. After the brainstorming, our research team performs screening procedure to filter the ideas to keep the best fit in the list to meet your specific digital needs.

Finalization of Ideas.

Second to the Project research, we share the possible solutions with you and provide you with our suggestion on the best one according to our knowledge and experience over the years. We wait for your feedback so we can move to the next step.

Initiate Designing.

The designing procedure is immediately initiated after the ideas are finalized. We keep in mind every single detail that is requested by our customers. Whether it web designing, logo designing, content development, web application, we always keep every detail to meet your customized digital needs.

Testing Phase.

After the designing is performed, we put the project under the testing phase and share the prototype with you so that you can share any suggestions or amendments before the final product is launched.

Launching the Final Product.

Once all the bugs / errors are fixed and your suggested changes are applied, we launch your project officially and hand it over to you to run

After Sale Support.

We do not leave our customers stranded after delivering the final product. Our exceptional customer support team is always connected to you in order to guide you on all the problems that you face after the delivery of the product.

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